Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dorf Ketal Chemicals: site technician

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Dear all,

Dork Ketal has an open position for Site Technician in Oil and Gas Industry. Interested candidate may contact or email their resume to

Even though the JD specifies Dip in Chem Eng or Mech Eng, I see that it fits graduates in DCP, DACP too.

Good luck!




Job Purpose:

Managing site activity, chemical dosages, chemical stocks; ensure company assets are in good care; establishing and strengthening relationships with area operator and production supervisors


Key Performance Area, Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Develop and maintain good communication with customers’ site and laboratory team.

·         Provide support to ensure proper site activities are maintained.

·         Ensure all laboratory chemical reagents and chemical apparatus at customer’s site are properly maintained.

·         Transportation of samples from site to external laboratory using company’s vehicle

·         Monitor chemical dosages and chemical tank levels, manage chemical stock inventory at site

·         Ensure all chemical tanks are properly labeled with GHS standard.

·         Fabrication of pump skid and tubings, pump maintenance when required

·         Conduct house-keeping at chemical area so as to comply customer’s HSE rules & regulation.

·         Maintain good communication with site engineer and highlight any abnormalities in site if observe.

·         Ensure all company assets at site are properly maintained and taken care.

·         To learn and troubleshoot laboratory analysis & site injection system.

·         Including any other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned




·         Diploma in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering

·         Self-motivated, management & customer service skills

·         Interpersonal communication skills

·         Team work

·         Good computer skills

·         Valid Singapore Class 3 driving license required






Tuesday, February 14, 2017

NUS - Outcome of Accreditation Exercise for SP Diplomas for AY2017/2018

This just came in. Thought that it will be interesting to include it here.
  1. DACP (Diploma in applied chemistry with pharmaceutical science) graduates can apply for Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry in NUS. Wow!
  2. Nothing new - our students have entering Science (Chemistry) for years.
  3. Can't apply for Science (Physics) - nothing surprising here
  4. Can't apply for Material Science and Engineering - Surprise! NUS apparently wants to see certain changes to DACP curriculum though I have no idea what they are
  5. Environmental Studies! I only knew about this course recently even though it has been running since 2011. It sounds like my kind of interest -
    But takers beware, it is less about environmental science & engineering and more about policy, sociology, law, management. In other words, the soft aspects of environmental studies!